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Fixed Fee Family Protection Trust - No Hidden Costs Guaranteed

Why Choose Westcountry Estate Planning?

Fixed fee service - no ongoing fees like most other Lifetime Trusts

Complete service exclusive to residents of Cornwall, Devon & Somerset

Members of both Society of Will Writers and Institute of Paralegals 

Free home visit to discuss your circumstances with free ongoing support

Free Will, with free lifetime updates and storage where required

 Lifetime Trust - remains in your family for 125 years.

 No Probate on your estate guaranteed

 Complete peace of mind

Family Trust Offer

Basic Information

Do you have some questions before applying?
Please feel free to contact our Expert Trust Team
on 0800 133 7512, or arrange a free call back.


There are a number of similar "Trusts" being set up improperly, and with hidden and ongoing fees, for example annual fees to "review" the Trust. With our Trusts there are no ongoing or annual fees guaranteed.  

Fixed Fee Family Protection Trust - No Hidden Costs Guaranteed

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Complete peace of mind

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5 star service rated by thousands of customers


Step 3

"A great firm to deal with. The Paralegal that we dealt with, Laura, was polite, informative, and helped us to get our Trust set up. We can't thank her enough. We highly recommend this company"

- Mr & Mrs Summerthorne

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Our magazine explaining about our Family Protection Trust.

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One of our Trust experts will call you to answer your questions.

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  • I still have full mental capacity so why would I need a Lasting Power of Attorney
    In order to apply (and register) a Lasting Power of Attorney you must have full mental capacity. If you have already lost your capacity your family would need to apply to the Court of Protection for a deputyship order which takes a long time and can cost thousands. This also must be reviewed annually. This is why it is important to register a Lasting Power of Attorney whilst you are still fully in control.
  • I don't have very much money, so do I need a Will in place?"
    It is a common misconception that only the very wealthy should have a Will in place. Regardless of your financial circumstances, having a professionally drafted Will in place is essential. The job of your Will is to administer your estate, but to also cater for sentimental items as well as children and even pets.
  • What happens if I lose my Will?
    If you chose a storage option then you do not need to worry about losing your draft copy. A New copy can be issued if and when required. If you did not choose a storage option and have lost the master copy of your Will, we can produce a new master copy of your Will however this will need to be signed and witnessed.
  • How secure are Family Protection Trusts?
    Our Family Protection Trusts are very secure. We use expert solicitors who regularly review your Trust for free of charge and the Trust remains in your family for 125 years.
  • There has been a lot of press coverage around funeral plans. Are they safe?
    There are now a lot of funeral planning companies offering funeral plans, and as a consequence of this, some of the plans on the market are either not safe or may not cover everything that is required. Westcountry Estate Planning have been helping customers with funeral plans for over fifteen years, which makes us experts in the field. We only work with funeral planning companies who are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) which is the main safeguard in the industry. Additionally, we only ever help our customers with funeral plans on a face-to-face basis which ensures that we can fully explain exactly what is and is not covered within the plan. We do not allow anybody to purchase a funeral plan unless we are entirely satisfied that the customer understands exactly what they are taking out. For the above reasons, we are entirely satisfied that the funeral plans that we offer are safe.
  • What if I am unable to pay for my product(s) in full?
    We are able to offer you the flexibility to spread the cost of your producs over a period of years. Please speak to us if you require this.
  • Is there a benefit to me recommending a friend or family member to you?
    Yes, we regularly have offers and promotions on for this referring a friend or family member so please contact us to discuss further.
  • I have received a brochure but I would like to see somebody face-to-face. Do you offer this?
    Yes. We offer free face-to-face home visits with a local and fully qualified paralegal. This can be arranged at a mutually convenient time. We can also offer evening appointments if and when required.

Family Protection Trust

Complete protection of your home and assets

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Westcountry Estate Planning are members of both The Society of Will Writers, and The Institute of Paralegals, and adhere to both strict codes of practice.


Westcountry Estate Planning Limited. Company number 11438410.

Copyright © Westcountry Estate Planning Limited. All rights reserved.

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