Are you a homeowner and worried what may happen to your property if you,
like 1 in 4 others, ended up in a residential care home?

If you have assets or savings above £23,250 then you are not entitled to any support with care fees which means you will have to pay for them yourself. This means your house could
eventually be sold to cover these costs.

            Our Specialist Trust Protects against:            

Care Home Fees - your property and assets may not be taken to pay care fees which means your home and assets are protected from this;

No probate - probate will not be required saving time and expense to your beneficiaries;

▶ Sideways disinheritance avoided - avoid your home passing to another family through remarriage;

Inheritance Tax Planning - help plan for children's inheritance tax;

Claims against your estate avoided - unlike a Will, our specialist Trust makes certain of your wishes;

Family legacy - this specialist Trust will remain in your family for 125 years and will serve your family for future generations.

Control when your beneficiaries inherit - our specialist Trust allows you to ensure people inherit at the right time;

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