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The Westcountry Is The Most Expensive Place To Die
Posted 31st October 2018

South West Cremation Axa cost of dying 2

The average figures in the South West are as follows:

Cremation - £4,365 (16.6% increase)
Burial - £5,006 (4.3% increase)
Direct Crematorium - £1,823 (6.5% increase)

When an individual does not have a pre-paid funeral plan, their families are left to try and settle this bill. In 2018, there was an average shortfall of £2,559 for families to try to find to cover the cost of the deceased’s funeral. This has increased by nearly 9% compared to 2017.

The report also found that 1 in 8 families (12%) had trouble finding the money to cover the cost of the funeral which resulted in them suffering serious financial troubles. Below are some of those statistics:

43% used their own savings and/or investments
23% paid for the funeral on a credit card
21% borrowed the money from a friend or family member
17% took out a loan (from a bank or loan provider)
16% sold belongings to raise the money
9% worked out a payment plan with the funeral director
9% applied for support from the government or local authority

Of the above, 22% died intestate (without a will written).

Perhaps the most staggering statistic from the report was that only 1% of respondents knew the deceased’s funeral wishes:

54% did not know if their loved one wants cremation or burial
36% did not know if their loved one wants a religious or non-religious service
32% did not know the preferred cemetery/graveyard
29% did not know which funeral director their loved one wanted
27% did not know what to do with the ashes
26% did not know which songs or readings
25% did not know which charity for the donations
13% did not know who their loved one wanted to attend the funeral

With the above in mind, along with the costs escalating year on year, it really emphasises the need to plan your funeral.

The Axa cost of dying report 2018 has reported that the average cost of a cremation in the South West UK has risen to £4,365. This is an increase of almost 17% in the last twelve months.

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